Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hey there Delilah

Hey there..

Ive been wanting to write a new entry and each time i click this, i feel empty. suddenly. sebab i run out of mood. haha. anyhow, this is an attempt to get my mood back. Cuma tulis sikit dulu before the mood comes back. For now, i have nothing to do. seriously. i just wait for dear sv to return my draft and then i can start with the amendments. Selain tu, (skema) busy jugak fikir this and that for W-Day. busy sebab pening nak pilih mane satu boutique yang offer from start to the end. tapi bukan la semua package includes, perhaps the dress, pelamin, card, make up altogether. catering probably we will return to the same caterer during E-day. sebab dishes memang best. so much varieties. hantaran, have not finalized yet. semua perlu duit. duit tak banyak, bergantung lagi dengan parents -__- . bila tengok orang lain yang dah mampu untuk berbelanja sendiri, rasa sangat down -__________-

lepas bulan 1 tahun depan, inshaAllah we dah ade financial sndri. we can manage to do things together. and confirm la Mr.A yang handle pasal duit sebab i cant. okay, i can be a good organizer, cleaner, what else??? hahaha.

sekarang onwards, survey. survey sampai muntah. laaa...................... -________________________-

*-______- this typically looks like a frog. haha

Btw, i started to browse thru website yang jual barang hiasan untuk rumah. why dont u check it here? :) please click