Thursday, January 31, 2013


I know its been a long time without any post. Seriously i have no connction to the net other than my phone. Sebab tu aku xde rasa nak feeling rajin update dekat blog. Each time nak make new entry surely aku nak letak as much photos as i can, tapu faham2 aje la upload photo pakai Bloggerdroid. I need photoshop la weh. X beat gune apps dlm hp je. So, disebabkan trbengkai lama sangat, i guess i need to throw an entry, at least.

Topic today just random. Bout myself or other related things which i guess beneficial for all. Lately, i have been busy finishing the thesis and summarize the analysis at the same time. And perhaps i have seen the reflection of myself in another three years. I mean the pH.D. but let me finished my master first and inshaAllah ill further my next level of studies by this year.

Skrg ni pun a lot of things happened. I lost my cousin a month ago. My close cousin. She passed away pregnanting an 8 month old boy. The baby died due to insufficient oxygen supplied from his mother. We are still waiting for the cause of the death because it happened so sudden. I couldn't sleep almost a week. Every night i will think of her because we were so close. But i know she is enjoying her time there.


Owh, pasal hal lain pulak, biarkan aku ckp pasal benda yang agak out dr statement atas. Tentang my judgement towards people yg berhijab. Skrg ni fashion people yg pakai tudung mostly overdress. Really tiring to look at a group of them pakai turban/colorful scarf lilit just shop at Tesco nearby. Grrr.. i dh bagihint kan. Ahahhha. Xla, i dont really being too judgemental on this issue, but please... dont u actually have sense on dressing? Tengok tempat, audience and time. Let say la, if we stay tempat yg out of city where those people yg living around tak terdedah dengan this so high class style, they will look at u with thousans expression. I know u guys realize this cume tak tau where u get that confidence! Pls, try to study the environment first before stepping out with ur dream fashion. Mcm pegi any event jugak, we need to match with the theme assigned kan?.

Another thing is about relationship. Any relationship needs trust, loyal and at the same time understands each other. One should respect his/her partner for he/she has. Tau tak yang Tuhan ciptakan setial pasangan saling melengkapi, no matter how good we think we are, we still have flaws for out partner to complete. Jadi, tak semestinya orang yang terror drive akam dapat pasangan yang formula 1driver. Xsemestinye org yg minat haiwan akan dapat pasangan yg suka haiwan jugak. Sebab itu kita diciptakan berpasangan, bagi laki dan perempuan saling memerlukan. Jadi, kalau pasangan kita tak sehebat kita dalam sesuatu hal, kita dah terus give negative expressions. Thay is not cool at all guys! Memberi galakan and support our partner's good interest sangatlah digalakkan. Cube memahami kehendak dan memberi kritikan terbaik mampu buat our relationship long lasting and meaaingful. Kebaayakkan pasangan yang bercerai sebab tak mampu hidup bersama sebumbunh sebB asik bergaduh dan tak sependapat. Jadi, masa sebelum kahwin, cuba kenali pasangan sejauh mana oasangan kita mampu menerima kita dan sejauh mana kita mampu memahacirmi pasangan kita. Memang sekarang susah nak cri pasangan yang mampu mengisi kesemua ciri yang kita perlukan, tapi cuba fikirkan sejauh mana kita pula dapat memberi yg terbaik kepada pasangan kita. ;) doa yang terbaik, inshaAllah Tuhan temukan kita kepada pasangan yang terbaik untuk kita. Yang penting niat dan hati kan.

So i think i ramble too much now.

Dats it. Nnti i upload gambar trip ke Kelantan  and other place. Heee

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Its not a dream

I had this weird  dreams. Very weird until i have a thought that it was a sign from God that i must act something. But im clueless. Lepas tu, i end up demam skrg ni. Two days more is my symposium. Last symposium before submitting thesis. This year, doakan untuk smbunh Ph.D. this is at least i can do before get a job. I wish to become the academic people in my own university but yhe quility is not up to the expectation yet. I have to work hard. Like my supervisor always said, You have to work harder Farha, extraordinary people do extra works than others did. Be one of them. Yeah doc, i wish u to have an understanding wife and hope that is one of your wishlist this year. ;)

Okay, have to get the shower sebelum malam menjelma. Kene sambunh buat kerja sebab pagi tadi smpi skrg langsung xbuat kerja sebab fever. Brpe byk sebab dalam satu ayat ni?