Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Recommended Daily Care [1]

Fine, few days i havent updated any entry. Gosh, no mood to throw a writing. skrg pun curik mase analysis. -__- 
anyhow, just wanna share some of the items that i love so much and for my daily usage as well.


here is the thing.

setiap kali keluar, during sunny day, its compulsory to apply sunblock/foundation.
Next, loose powder/compact powder (depends jugak dengan activities/events for the day)
To avoid tiring eyes, Mascara is a must!
last, for lip care, i use lip balm.

Now, is all about the products!

1. Foundation
Brand: Revlon PhotoReady (Code 003 Shell).
i consider this is the best mate compares to other product that ive tried. My skin type is combination, so sometimes it may become real dry and in another day, berminyak. and yang best about this product, it is oil-free! memang slamt sgt untuk kulit berminyak kan!!

2. Compact Powder
Brand: Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation
ive been using this since last year, and the only product that never leave pimples on me (except during peak period)! mungkin sebab the same product from Foundation as well, so, it acts well together kan? Function of two way foundation ni, let say, malas nak apply foundation,  basahkan sponge and apply this compact powder to ur face. it acts like foundation jugak! Rate i should give 4/5 :) 

3. Mascara
Brand: Majolica Majorca Lash King 
I super love this mascara, dahh try banyak mascara before ni, but ni plg best skali. sebab each time basuh muke, x penah nak hilang or smudge using this mascara. and tahan gile. let say, lepas mandi pun still ade lagi mascara and just apply the curler je! plus, bile pakai mascara ni, rasa lash lagi panjang and lebat sebab die ade fiber! :) price mahal sket je dari maybelline. it cost u around MYR60.00 :)

4. Balm
Brand: Nivea Balm 
I love this Nivea balm since ages. ive been using this quite a long time, rasenye  dah gune balm ni since 2006 lagi. it leaves a long moisture to ur lips and senang nak bawak pegi mane-mane. i like strawberrt shine more sbb ade effect glossy sket kat bibir.. :)

So, ini jela buat skrg ni. I'll review more bile i feel so satisfied with the products! :)


Syazwan Che Deraman said...

heheh.banyak alat kosmetik untuk perempuan ni.

wan sendiri tak tahu kkulit wan jenis apa.
tak pakai apa apa.
pencuci muka pon jarang dipakai. :)

Fha Hzh said...

owhhh ur skin type must be perfect. :)
bagus la kalau xde masalah kulit. u shud be glad!