Thursday, March 28, 2013

Funny but not that funny

Have u ever met a person with this kind of characteristics?

  • asking u so many questions but yet giving no explanation given on weird asking?
  • asking u back after u ask a question?
  • asking you on your financial activities macam duit account tinggal brape, dapat dividen or allowance brape?
  • waiting for the atm withdraw receipt as if nak tengok ur account balance
  • each time when going to have ur lunch/dinner, the person will ask u what and where u wanna eat, everyday?!
  • senyum tanpa kata apa-apa?
  • geram secara tibe-tibe tanpa sebab munasabab?
  • reading your blog only when u r viewing your blog on ur own pc? nak jugak duk celah-celah nak bace same. what....???

so true, this kind of person exist. even u r not facing all the same list i listed, if separuh pun dah pening. kalau semua lagi la...


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mannequin and ring

i have no mood to complete my thesis. that is not a good sign everyone. I wish to finish the writing by end of this month but i guess it will just stay as a wish! Seriously.

sekarang ni i have a new symptom which is i will curse any post related to engagement, wedding, etc. damn it.

tak tau la nak cakap macam mane sebab i guess i did not want to be in the middle of attention during my E-Day. i wanna cry.

sebab i rase malu or what? mungkin.

pernah terfikir nak beli mannequin, use that for the whole ceremony. pakai cincin pun dekat that doll and make up and everything la. from top to bottom. so people wont see me in all that stuff. malu.....

but when i told him bout this he gave me another surprise question!
"Macam mane plak yang dulu pernah catwalk on stage siap dapat best dress utk course lagi?"


how on earth he can still remember what i told him?


thats it. i cant think much of the preparation. but i guess the stuff for hantaran,yes i dah plan some.

harap la semua nya berjalan lancar. inshaAllah...

i just need all my besties to be there and calm me down.
besties... pls.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How I met U Part 1

kelakar and have no idea how to start the story.
semuanya tanpa rancangan and the funniest thing is we have been collaborated four years ago without plan. tapi memang la, walaupun satu group, aku annoying gile dengan budak ni sebab susah nak bercakap and nak bergelak and nak berbincang pun thru gtalk. i just saved his number and bile 9 bulan lepas berkenalan balik, n cakap nak no... "eh, aku dh ade no kau la, siap save ******* logistic lagi"


dan aku cakap lagi, dia la yang paling aku malas sekali nak ajak berbincang sampaikan after event habis, xpernah dah bertegur. jalan selisih pun tak senyum malah buat x kenal. lagi la kurang hajar.

sekarang ni ape dah jadi? :)

less than a year to be together. kau mampu hidup serumah dengan orang yang pernah kau xsuke dulu-dulu???




Monday, March 25, 2013

The last weekend, the wedding time.

Salam all.

I have been away fer quite some time. I have been busy like bees (its plural coz i became bees at once). a week ago, i attended my cousin's wedding. Yeah, that is the second last female cousin i have in ma family including me. The interesting fact is, i am the eldest but end up to be the last person get married! You have crossed the sill sisters! you should know that i suppose to demand at the moment u guys were taken. -___-
 - i am good huh?

anyway, some of the photos could summarized the moments we had during the two days event. Its the second wedding in my big family. then, it will be the third by end of this year. :) InshaAllah.

my beautiful youngest female cousin - Mrs. Eddy

my besties who always be there whenever i need them. time will come where we will apart for good. -__-

haaa, this is sweating time. :|

the overacting me! Mr Eddy and his wife.

the other cousin, Amaani. hey this girl knows so many tricks!

Yeah, i am now the wife, the lady boss to Mr. Eddy!

Here are some of the pictures. no editing at all since no adobe photoshop install. I just reprogram the laptop, so, its all basic for now. Soon. More photos after i finish doing the editing.

See u soon guys.

i will be back to where i suppose to be tomorrow. More vouchers to redeem meanings more books to purchased! its all tomorrow.


Monday, March 11, 2013

the day finally comes

Finally i reached to the end of my master research. however, i have to pay attention to the thesis writing which require me 24-hour attention non stop. but i am thankful to Allah for giving this chance to end my research. thats all. i have nothing else to say rather than smiling all the way home. heeee. s

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New template

Hey new look. i like this template. quite nice even though it does not represents my true attitude. :) it does not matter as long as it looks nicer than before. Gosh, i feel so bored to use the old one. now should we get the spirit to blog again ya. hope so!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Assalamualaikum all,

Sekarang ni i have come back to healthy lifestyle. Jogging, gym, aerobic and squash. The best part is i can clearly observe the physical changes. gila muscle dah start build. and cepat sangat berpeluh. nowadays pun jog 2.4 km non stop in 15 minutes. aku rase ni la antara tercepat penah aku lari. kalau orang lain mungkin dalam 10 minute untuk 2.4 km. hahahaha.

saje nak bagi shapping badan and paling penting aku jarang tido waktu tghari. bertenaga ahe. best sgt lah. kulit makin better. Alhamdulillah. semoga makin cepat la berubah kulit and semua. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good to be Back


Now i return with good. the internet now can be access from laptop. after sending Miss T to service centre two days ago, i finally get it back today. so happy. so wait for the updates. more and more updates plus with new theme for the blog.