Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Days' counting

every year, we have 356 days except for leap year. and in a month we either have 28, 29, 30 or 31 days. but in a day, we only have 24 hours which in each hour only 60 minutes to breath. and 60 seconds fill each minute.

do u think the time u have enough to fulfill yr dream, perhaps yr work?

i am counting.

days and nights

it seems not enough.


Monday, April 15, 2013

When God knows everything


kadang-kadang aku terfikir, kalau aku berada dalam situasi yang sama, kemungkinan besar hidup ni tak pernah aku pandang bahagia. ye, ade manusia di uji dengan sejauh mana kekuatan dan kemampuannya. dan jika aku di tempatnya, aku mungkin tak seperti yang dilihat sekarang.

banyak kali sebenarye aku fikirkan dia. kadang-kadang aku fikirkan, dari mana datangnya kekuatan dia untuk keseorangan. keseorangan dalam semua hidup sejak kebelakangan ni. hidup sebatang kara walaupun ada keluarga. hidup dalam tanpa ada sesiapa yang peduli, melainkan mereka yang ingin ambil tahu. itupun tidak ramai, kurang dari jari sebelah tangan untuk dikira. belum lagi dikira mereka yang ikhlas ingin berkongsi rahsia, bahagia dan duka. semuanya sendiri pokok pangkalnya.

kekuatan itu dari mana?


Ya, dariNya segala dugaan itu ada. dan dariNya segala kebahagiaan itu kembali. dan aku sentiasa kagum dengan cara dia menghadapi masalahnya. ibarat dari wajahnya, tiada langsung tanda kesal atau takut untuk menghadapi hari esok.

cukup la satu peristiwa aku bersamanya. peristiwa paling buruk dalam hidup aku yang dia ada sepanjang aku mengharunginya. cuma hanya beberapa hari, sudah cukup untuk aku insaf, yang sebenarnya hidup aku lebih beruntung berkali ganda dari dia. dia yang tiada apa-apa melainkan pekerjaan untuk meneruskan hidup sebatang karanya. duit untuk menyara makan minum, pakaian dan tempat tinggal. tiada kemewahan. segalanya hanya keperluan. dan yang pasti dia pandai mengatur kewangan. kini, dia mampu mengumpul harta. biarlah sedikit namun ada, dan berterusan. 

aku harap, Tuhan kurniakan dia sesuatu yang dia tak jangka. di akhirnye, kebahagiaan yang tak pernah dia fikirkan. biarkan selama ini dugaan itu untuk sementara, mengajarnya untuk bersabar sebelum menikmati kehdupan yang dia inginkan. InshaAllah, semuanya akan elok-elok aja.

u know who u are, and i respect you for what u did for living.

i am here, and there, everywhere. ring me when u need me.

Love u,

kawan jauh yang boleh dipanggil kawan baik, kah?

the day my BFF get married


Hey all. to make it short, i went to my bff solemnization at Banting yesterday. we went rushed. came in with two cars. one made their way to Ipoh, while another one went straight to USJ after the ceremony. My soulmate, bff (Nana) and I took 45 minutes to reach Kelanang, Banting to attend the historical day of our bestfriend, Adha. She is now a wife to Mr. Adib (me and Adib always get into fight, because i hate him, LOL). -___- when we will have our quality time together sister? Perhaps when yr husband is away. hooray.. 

She was so beautiful in grey baju pengantin. So adorable and she was smizing all the time. yeah, with her two steps smile, she is always ready. :) never got nervous at all, and the best part was, she even directed us to take the pictures with the couple. Never got the tears running down, naaahh, she was so cool. Adib was caught trembling when the lafaz went on. even he spoke Adha name wrongly. muahahahaha. alhamdulillah, with a single pronouncement, both of them were husband and wife. Happy me to be there. InshaAllah, both of you will happily be with each other in any circumstances until heaven. :)

the wedding ceremony will be held 28th April, and i have to be the bridesmaid. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Smile. Just smile

what will you do, 
if a close friend of yours showing no excitation towards happy news that you informed?

what will you feel,
when somehow you get the return gift?

how will you react,
if your best buddy reach you like nothing had happened (but actually you had a fight unsettled)?

where would you go,
if all things that made you sad is from the person that you care so much?

are you gonna stay,
if everything that happened, happen in one time?

you have the answers. you have the right to make the decision. is either bad or good in the end. 

and me?

i will smile, pls no curse as i am big girl now.

Smile like nothing has happened!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everlynn, the best skincare product ever.


Finally, i have the chance to update the blog. Pheww. Fine, its a fine day, despite the raining season the whole week. tomorrow, the UTP team will embark on inter-university squash tournament that will be held in Bukit Jalil. please pray for us to bring back medals. inshaAllah. anyway, i am not the participant, i am there to survey and witness the history. hahaha. i was reluctant to join since this inter-university tournament is a big game for me. perhaps you can say i am so much nervous to handle this. yeah. i just wanna have a look on how this tournament goes on. even though i have joined the UTP close squash tournament few months ago, but this one, i can say, its pretty big. i don't seem to see that i can put a challenge to any woman player if i joined. i am surely be defeated before the third round takes place. hahahaha. yeah, i did train everyday with the male team. few numbers you can count for the ladies to join squash training everyday. if you are lucky, perhaps one or two people in one week. naahhh, you see..


that's not the main point here. what is the more important is that i want to make a quick review on my daily skin care product, Everlynn. I have been using this product since November 2012 up to now, and what can i classified this skincare products, its the best product i have tried. Plus, it is made in France. i guess, most of the France product suits me well. I have went to skin specialist few years back since i have bad acne problems. it started in year 2002. two years later, i went for specialist to get consultation and tried the clinical products. and alhamdulillah, my skin started to recover. However, i realized that, after few years, my skin does not developed to become better moisture skin. It just helps to prevent the acne growth. i have no such skin product to apply to make my skin glowing or any mask to used. i have to depend all on the clinical soap and the acne solution especially during period time. i tried other products, but failed to make my skin looks better, but even worst.

Then, here it comes the Everlynn product after being promoted by my friend, Nita. i was so amazed to see the glowing skin she has. She showed me the Everlynn product. and she consulted me that i should try to buy the multiperfection cream. after made up decision, i purchased the Everlynn. Alhamdulillah, the skin started to moisture like what i expected. but, i observed minor exfoliation near the T section. it just took three days to disappeared. i keep continue using the skin care and for now, there are three products that i takes which are the Vitamin E soap, daily solution cream and multiperfection cream during night. I love my skin i have now. Owh, btw, i do consume fruits everyday (kiwi fruit or strawberries) to enhance the skin repairing. Alhamdulillah, this is what it looks like after 6 months using Everlynn..

no editing, took directly from my phone Samsung S3.

i would like to recommend anyone who has the skin problem just like me. stop using any make up to cover your skin. it will just damage the skin tissue. to get consultation or to purchase the Everlynn, kindly text/whatsapp/call my dear friend Nita (013-2202602). she stays in KL, perhaps u can just COD. or u may browse the website, by clicking this Everlynn.

Happy trying!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Green View Garden

Just recently, we went for some fresh air trip. Nearby to the boarder between Perak and Pahang, here it is, the Cameron Highland. Being the first timer and stepped into Green View Garden, it didnt upset u at all. I never thought that it will be cafe in that factory. No wonder there were so many cars at parked. We thought of buying and seeing some chocolate process inside Avant Chocolate Factory and surprised to see so many delightful menu posted on the wall, so.. we finally decided to try Strawberry Strudel and Tuna Sandwich.

My comment on this,
You should try, its so yummy. Tak beli banyak and nasib baik we just came to try, kalau tak berebut nak order lagi. :)

Reasonable. RM7.90 for a slice of Strawberry Strudel. I share this with a friend.
Tuna sandwich set with strawberry drink RM13.90

U should try!

Manifesto kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

21 ciri-ciri utama Aku Janji Barisan Nasional

Semalam aku tak sempat nak mengikuti manifesto Datuk Najib live. So, google some of the informations untuk aku kaji sendiri. well, pilihanraya nak dekat dah kan.

  1. BN janji beri 150 komitmen baru jika diberi mandat mentadbir negara ini selepas PRU13;
  2. 112 dari komitmen ini telah dilaksanakan, selebihnya menambahkan kekuatan janji-janji demi memenuhi keperluan rakyat;
  3. Manifesto ini perlu dilihat sebagai moving target dan janji-janji yang dinamik yang akan dilaksanakan sepanjang 2013-2018;
  4. Apa yang dibentangkan adalah realistik berlandaskan kalkulasi ekonomi yang berhati-hati dan tidak semberono;
  5. Pendekatan manifesto yang sangat bertanggungjawab dan memberi kesan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia;
  6. Penambahan BR1M untuk rakyat yang memerlukan pembelaan;
  7. BR1M dinaikkan kepada RM1200 untuk satu keluarga dan RM600 untuk orang bujang;
  8. Pengurangan harga kereta antara 20-30% secara gradual;
  9. Dasar 1Negara 1Harga untuk keperluan asas;
  10. Kementerian baharu dalam menangani isu-isu dalam bandar;
  11. 1,000,000 rumah mampu milik -termasuk 500,000 rumah PR1MA;
  12. mengambil alih penyelenggaran semua perumahan awam;
  13. Sistem nasional untuk penjagaan kesihatan rakyat;
  14. Membina lebuhraya Pan Borneo;
  15. Sasaran 3.3 juta peluang pekerjaan; 2 juta daripanya berpendapatan tinggi;
  16. Sekolah satu sesi diperluaskan;
  17. Bantuan khas RM100,000 kepada sekolah yang mempunyai kelas pendidikan khas;
  18. Transformasi sekolah vokasional;
  19. 4000 anggota polis setiap tahun;
  20. Penggunaan SafeCam;
  21. Pengecualian cukai sumbangan kepada pembangunan rumah ibadat.

Dalam banyak-banyak ciri, yang terakhir menyentuh kepada keagamaan? haish, kenapa tak 3 atau 4 menyebut tentang keagamaan yang mana keagamaan banyak menyumbang kepada sosial dan peribadi masyarakat Malaysia. negara Islam seharusnya mementingkan isu keagamaan supaya setiap satu ciri ini selari dengan agama utama dalam negara Malaysia. Datuk Najib, isu ini sangat besar. Dalam isu hiburan dan yang berkait rapat dengannya, tak ada langsung ciri-ciri untuk mengurangkan pusat hiburan yang lebih kepada merosakkan akhlak peribadi masyarakat kita? Sila pandang penting kepada aktiviti-aktiviti untuk memakmurkan rumah ibadat dengan itu ramai yang dapat hadir ke rumah ibadat bukan sekadar untuk beribadat tetapi program-program kebaikan yang lain. -Peruntukan untuk rumah ibadat?

itu hanya pandangan dari sudut pelajar/belia seperti kami.

keamanan negara bukan hanya tertakluk kepada kekuatan fizikal, jumlah ahli pertahanan dan alatan canggih, tetapi kekuatan rohani dan dalaman setiap masyarakat negara berhadapan dengan sesuatu masalah.

Lepas ni, mari dengar manifesto kerajaan Pembangkang.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let Me Pick

Since x lama lagi anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian which i didn't even care, but somehow i try to guess whos going to win the award. weehuuu..

Let me pick.

Artis Baru Lelaki Popular
1. Aiman Hakim Ridza
2. Izzue Islam
3. Jimmy Palikat
4. Shah Iskandar
5. Taiyudin Bakar
Artis Baru Wanita Popular
1. Ainan Tasneem
2. Emma Maembong
3. Hanez Suraya
4. Nad Zainal
5. Wawa Zainal

Artis Duo/Berkumpulan Popular
1. Black & Malique
2. Hafiz & Adira
3. Jimmy Palikat & One Nation Emcees
4. Mojo
5. Sleeq & Najwa Latif
Penyanyi Lelaki Popular
1. Aizat
2. Black
3. Faizal Tahir
4. Hafiz
5. Hazama
Penyanyi Wanita Popular
1. Jaclyn Victor
2. Najwa Latif
3. Shila Amzah
4. Stacy
5. Yuna
Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular
1. Aaron Aziz
2. Adi Putra
3. Beto Kusyairy
4. Fahrin Ahmad
5. Johan As’ari
Pelakon TV Wanita Popular
1. Fasha Sandha
2. Izara Aishah
3. Nabila Huda
4. Neelofa
5. Siti Saleha
Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular
1. Aaron Aziz
2. Adi Putra
3. Bront Palarae
4. Shaheizy Sam
5. Zizan Razak
Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular
1. Lisa Surihani
2. Maya Karin
3. Neelofa
4. Nora Danish
5. Yana Samsudin
Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular
1. Angah
2. Jepp
3. Johan
4. Nabil
5. Zizan Razak
Artis Komedi Wanita Popular
1. Aliza Abdullah @ Enot
2. Didie Alias
3. Jihan Raja Lawak
4. Noorkhiriah
5. Sharifah Shahira
Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular
1. AC Mizal
2. Awal Ashaari
3. Aznil Nawawi
4. Faizal Ismail
5. Zizan Razak
Pengacara TV Wanita Popular
1. Adibah Noor
2. Didie Alias
3. Fara Fauzana
4. Neelofa
5. Sharifah Shahira
Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular
1. Ag
2. Faizal Ismail
3. Halim Othman
4. Johan
5. Nabil
Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular
1. Abby Fana
2. Dj Lin
3. Fara Fauzana
4. Linda Onn
5. Raja Azura

Thats All! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My cousin's wedding

Happy Browsing!

Sekarang ni minggu fitness

fitness semua dalam minggu ni. padahal, tesis masih lagi terbengkalai. bergerak sikit aje. arghh, susah nye nak dapatkan momentum menulis lagi-lagi technical term. and nak nampak educated and bagus dalam structural sangat payah. kau ade idea, tapi nak olah bagai nak gila. 

tapi bab pagi bangun awal untuk jogging memang semangat. semangat habis sampai muscle pain. tapi seronok sebab muscle sebelum ni dah start built, so enhance kan je lagi. dua minggu tinggal agak semput jugak aku nak catch up stamina mcm dlu. however, tadi jogging 1 stgh round plus jalan stgah round lagi kurang dr masa sebelumnya. start 7:33, end at 7:47. not bad gak la untuk 2.2 km. rate dalam 9.42km/h . kire orait la untuk newbie cam aku nih. ahahaha. 

supersaiya in action. muahahahaha. aku yang tak reti nak up up away. ahahah

it was fun. seronok sebab pagi-pagi memang la kalau ikutkan hati, xde maknanya nak berpeluh dekat padang tu. tapi after an hour spending to sweat, sangat berbaloi la.

nak dapatkan berat ideal balik. plisss. like dulu-dulu but fit. anyway, tengah training untuk squash skali. memag kene fit lah kan.. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

the perfect life

tak semua yang kita mahukan dalam hidup akan jadi seperti yang kita impikan. tak semua yang kita dapat seperti dalam bayangan selama ini. dalam kehidupan, ada manusia yang mendapat lebih dari orang lain. dan ada juga yang kehilangan semuanya dalam sekelip mata. tak semua manusia bersyukur dengan segala kurniaNya. dan kerana itulah, ujian yang Tuhan berikan dalam bentuk kesenangan akan menentukan sama ada manusia itu mampu atau tidak menghadapinya.

perlu kita ingat, tak semua perkara yang kita lakukan can please everyone. yes. ada sesetengah rakan kita membuatkan kita bertanya-tanya, does she/he likes me? kadang-kadang we feel confuse. dan kadang-kadang, semua benda yang kita rasa kita kongsi bersama akan jadi persoalan. when the person does not react much with the subject u fuss about, then u feel something. ya, ada kawan yang sebegitu. jadi, daripada kita bersangka buruk, baik jauhkan sangat2 dari fikirkan tentang kawan kita. kan?

dalam perhubungan pun, cara kita menyayangi seseorang berbeza dengan pasangan kita. tak semestinya apa yang kita rasa dia akan rasa yang sama. pemahaman kita dan pasangan tentang sesuatu juga mungkin berbeza. beruntunglah jika kita mempunyai pandangan dan minat yang sama, tetapi berwaspadalah sebab kadang kala wujud persaingan. persaingan siapa yang lebih bagus. the ruling symptom sangat tak baik. memaafkan pasangan lebih bagus dari mewujudkan sengketa berterusan. saling support each other, will benefits both at the end. kan?

so, kesimpulannya, berfikir positif dan jauhkan perasaan hasad dengki, irihati, tak puas hati, benci membenci. senyum aja lah kan? :)