Sunday, October 14, 2012


yeah, i like to play with colors too much. mungkin ade yang xpercaya, i still keep my Buncho and all my painting items here. semua benda. from different size of brush up to numbers of pallet, dengan crayon, sketch book, u name anything, i have it here. hahaha. tu semua untuk emergency case, when i feel so stress or tengah bosan, i'll sketch. do whatever i wanna do dengan idea yang ade.

and things pun, when arranging things inside the wardrobe, everything is sorting according to color and size. so, senang nak differentiate baju and bile rase nak pakai color ape for the day, i just have to choose the design. senang kan?

they said im the right brained people. all involve with color, reading people emotions, creatives and easy to remember someone's face. hahaha. tapi lagi satu benda yang tak list dalam category right brained ni, i can remember number easily, mcm no hp, ic, address acc number, and orang yang suke nombor ni termasuk dalam kategori left brained. so, sbnrnye sy ni kategory ape?
center brained ke? :)

more about colors

i am easily attracted to purple and orange. but i did not consider most of my clothes to be bright, so normally i pair that with dull item so that x de la orang pening tengok the person. :)  

i have a friend yang consider from wealthy family, barang-barang pun semua brjename, tapi once kite tengok barang die, mostly dull and dark color. i have no idea kenape die suke sangat warne gelap yang each time i look at her, nampak gloom aje. 


Saturday, October 13, 2012


a very huge topic i guess. how am i suppose to narrate this since i have no talent to share worldwide fashion topics right now. for me, the word fashion itself resembles the life of a person lives in. as an example to this, any occupation in this world would show their image of working by dressing the way they suppose to be. the cabin attendant with the well-know skirt, the businessmen with their blazers, students with their school attires and so on. but, other than working hours, did all this person impersonate or imitate others to dress? 

somehow, i would say that i am a fashion-geek but i did not dress what my minds told me. just because i have the principles saying that, environment and time consumes are the important factors before i dress up. here, as i live in the university that focus merely on engineering and business and i have no courage to look beyond than other normal students dress to class. maximum hours i spend for the lectures are not more than 6, so i normally pick the best shirt pair with denim pants, ordinary scarf, leather tote with oxford shoe. that's it.

weekend? i will wear long dress pair with cardigan, scarf, open toe heels, and a drawstring bag. or else, i just put my boot-cut denim as usual pair with loose denim boyfriend shirt, wedges and a shoulder bag. the same styles repeating each weekend whenever i went shopping. i have no desire to dress outside the box because of - no courage, unsuitable place to dress (Ipoh is not like KL, you dress more, you have more eyes on you, especially during prayer time, and it sucks!)??

Early this year, i enjoyed my day attending the Nuffnang event for bloggers. i matched my lycra dress with leather cardigan and accessories!! its the best moment because i finally sat down thinking what sort of things to wear to match well with the theme. 

i have few dress and blouse that i have not wear up to now. i didn't know when is the exact time to wear since i have no mood to entertain the envy-eyes looking at me later. ahahaha. (perasan). definitely have to think the best occasion to wear those. 

perhaps, my holiday time???


Hello Kitty in the town

i had this weird dream. gile kau tido waktu maghrib. memang pandai. luckily i heard a phone call. woke up and the body feels like re-energized. memang melemahkan badan kalau tido waktu maghrib. especially waktu senja around 7 p.m. tapi sebab i was so tired and not having enough rest, i decided to take a nap. but it does not sounds nap if you over rest more than 30 minutes. i was alone. the air was dense (up to now). and i was highly affected. influenced to have a quality rest.

this evening, i had my late lunch in Hainan Chicken Rice Shop. before having the meal, i sat down quietly and thinking of how much did i spend having lunch here. rough visits are around 30 ++ for 2 years. can u do the math? i will (compulsory) order hainan fragrant rice, spicy slice fish, siamese chicken and white coffee with less sugar. for dessert, i will order fried ice cream. Hainan fried ice cream is consider rich to me because of its honey taste on top of the fried ice-cream! so yummeyh!
so, total price of my single meal is MYR23.60. so, just multiply with 35, and you will get...... 

how come Hainan Chicken Rice Shop tak buat membership card. boleh dpt 15% discount each time i visit, xpon, x payah tanye lagi what meal to order since most of the attendants tu kenal muke i ni. -__-

gile cantik kereta ni, driver is an old lady.... classic :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Last night dinner was early than usual. i skipped the lunch and all i knew was, stomach spinning at 5 p.m

Rushed to had my early dinner! the dinner was...

Happy face- happy tummy! 
Pancake House International
Aeon Station 18

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Among days

we, each, have 24 hours in our life, daily.
6 hours i spent on sleep. the remaining is 18 hours. with this 18 hours i spent my quality time with the housemates, research work, tuition, my close buddy and laughing, smiling whatever it is that i can spend.

seriously, when talking bout life, boleh cakap i am so much happy here, despite everything that happened.

so, i had my day with....

i am a happy person aite???

Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Recommended Daily Care [1]

Fine, few days i havent updated any entry. Gosh, no mood to throw a writing. skrg pun curik mase analysis. -__- 
anyhow, just wanna share some of the items that i love so much and for my daily usage as well.


here is the thing.

setiap kali keluar, during sunny day, its compulsory to apply sunblock/foundation.
Next, loose powder/compact powder (depends jugak dengan activities/events for the day)
To avoid tiring eyes, Mascara is a must!
last, for lip care, i use lip balm.

Now, is all about the products!

1. Foundation
Brand: Revlon PhotoReady (Code 003 Shell).
i consider this is the best mate compares to other product that ive tried. My skin type is combination, so sometimes it may become real dry and in another day, berminyak. and yang best about this product, it is oil-free! memang slamt sgt untuk kulit berminyak kan!!

2. Compact Powder
Brand: Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation
ive been using this since last year, and the only product that never leave pimples on me (except during peak period)! mungkin sebab the same product from Foundation as well, so, it acts well together kan? Function of two way foundation ni, let say, malas nak apply foundation,  basahkan sponge and apply this compact powder to ur face. it acts like foundation jugak! Rate i should give 4/5 :) 

3. Mascara
Brand: Majolica Majorca Lash King 
I super love this mascara, dahh try banyak mascara before ni, but ni plg best skali. sebab each time basuh muke, x penah nak hilang or smudge using this mascara. and tahan gile. let say, lepas mandi pun still ade lagi mascara and just apply the curler je! plus, bile pakai mascara ni, rasa lash lagi panjang and lebat sebab die ade fiber! :) price mahal sket je dari maybelline. it cost u around MYR60.00 :)

4. Balm
Brand: Nivea Balm 
I love this Nivea balm since ages. ive been using this quite a long time, rasenye  dah gune balm ni since 2006 lagi. it leaves a long moisture to ur lips and senang nak bawak pegi mane-mane. i like strawberrt shine more sbb ade effect glossy sket kat bibir.. :)

So, ini jela buat skrg ni. I'll review more bile i feel so satisfied with the products! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

a dreamer

i am a dreamer,
sometimes the most beautiful one u never ever dream,
but in a blink of a second,
i can turn the way i dream to the most horrible one.

i just dream,
i never thought that is going to happen,
i live in my dream,
i create them
and i see them, all.

put a word to speak the dream, i aint the braver,
i rescue all, never give a chance
i dare myself,
i never thought would be true,
but until i found you,
i never thought of a different in life,
never see any shining eyes,
until i met you,
never feel so calm,
until i love you.

Thank you for a great moment we had together as a friend.
i really like, love, care you as much i care myself.