Sunday, October 14, 2012


yeah, i like to play with colors too much. mungkin ade yang xpercaya, i still keep my Buncho and all my painting items here. semua benda. from different size of brush up to numbers of pallet, dengan crayon, sketch book, u name anything, i have it here. hahaha. tu semua untuk emergency case, when i feel so stress or tengah bosan, i'll sketch. do whatever i wanna do dengan idea yang ade.

and things pun, when arranging things inside the wardrobe, everything is sorting according to color and size. so, senang nak differentiate baju and bile rase nak pakai color ape for the day, i just have to choose the design. senang kan?

they said im the right brained people. all involve with color, reading people emotions, creatives and easy to remember someone's face. hahaha. tapi lagi satu benda yang tak list dalam category right brained ni, i can remember number easily, mcm no hp, ic, address acc number, and orang yang suke nombor ni termasuk dalam kategori left brained. so, sbnrnye sy ni kategory ape?
center brained ke? :)

more about colors

i am easily attracted to purple and orange. but i did not consider most of my clothes to be bright, so normally i pair that with dull item so that x de la orang pening tengok the person. :)  

i have a friend yang consider from wealthy family, barang-barang pun semua brjename, tapi once kite tengok barang die, mostly dull and dark color. i have no idea kenape die suke sangat warne gelap yang each time i look at her, nampak gloom aje. 



Azham Vsvc said...

cantiknya lukisan tu...awk buat sendiri ker?

محمد رازيق said...

cantik lah corak nice. kreatif. lukis sendiri?