Monday, October 1, 2012

a dreamer

i am a dreamer,
sometimes the most beautiful one u never ever dream,
but in a blink of a second,
i can turn the way i dream to the most horrible one.

i just dream,
i never thought that is going to happen,
i live in my dream,
i create them
and i see them, all.

put a word to speak the dream, i aint the braver,
i rescue all, never give a chance
i dare myself,
i never thought would be true,
but until i found you,
i never thought of a different in life,
never see any shining eyes,
until i met you,
never feel so calm,
until i love you.

Thank you for a great moment we had together as a friend.
i really like, love, care you as much i care myself.


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