Friday, December 7, 2012

I must went...

Aku memang gile. Dont deny it. How that suppose to be after two months without updating any entry, even a short one! I have no time. Pardon me. I do like to publish one, but each time i did that, i have sense that the quality is not there. No passion like i have before. may be in certain times, i have no confidence if the entry should go public or rather to keep it private. i guess.

so, today. i have 20 final year students sitting in front me doing their 8-hours open book test. how ridiculous is that in my department have started to invent this all-my-brains-drain-out-test. Ohh gosh. if this happens during my time, i would kill myself bringing all the 2months luggage in the test room. Pity them.

Now let start doing other work. I have task that is killing me in my brain now. i have to start very soon or else end up crazy the whole night. I burn the midnight oil for this.

till then,
I must be crazy,

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