Sunday, January 6, 2013

Its not a dream

I had this weird  dreams. Very weird until i have a thought that it was a sign from God that i must act something. But im clueless. Lepas tu, i end up demam skrg ni. Two days more is my symposium. Last symposium before submitting thesis. This year, doakan untuk smbunh Ph.D. this is at least i can do before get a job. I wish to become the academic people in my own university but yhe quility is not up to the expectation yet. I have to work hard. Like my supervisor always said, You have to work harder Farha, extraordinary people do extra works than others did. Be one of them. Yeah doc, i wish u to have an understanding wife and hope that is one of your wishlist this year. ;)

Okay, have to get the shower sebelum malam menjelma. Kene sambunh buat kerja sebab pagi tadi smpi skrg langsung xbuat kerja sebab fever. Brpe byk sebab dalam satu ayat ni?

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Azham Vsvc said...

Wah....tak lama lagi nak dpt gelaran Dr. Farha la eyh? Good luck tau hehe :)