Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bitch, Biatch or Beach?

it has been a windy day. i spent my time by the beach. it was almost late, but witness myself the sunset could be more worthy than anything (at that time). so many things fucked in my mind. i cant get away of it even in a second. when one gets out, there is another party intrudes in my head. yeah, keep rolling and rolling like Limp bizkit. oogosh.

fine, i get myself online from neighbor's laptop. she's away, and a permission to access is why i stay a bit longer here after checking-composing mails. nothing else. gotta meet my supervisor after this. yes, after this. see u soon.

there is a time where u just throw any outfit and matched them like no one cares. just suit up
like a diva. here i look no diva. 

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