Monday, March 25, 2013

The last weekend, the wedding time.

Salam all.

I have been away fer quite some time. I have been busy like bees (its plural coz i became bees at once). a week ago, i attended my cousin's wedding. Yeah, that is the second last female cousin i have in ma family including me. The interesting fact is, i am the eldest but end up to be the last person get married! You have crossed the sill sisters! you should know that i suppose to demand at the moment u guys were taken. -___-
 - i am good huh?

anyway, some of the photos could summarized the moments we had during the two days event. Its the second wedding in my big family. then, it will be the third by end of this year. :) InshaAllah.

my beautiful youngest female cousin - Mrs. Eddy

my besties who always be there whenever i need them. time will come where we will apart for good. -__-

haaa, this is sweating time. :|

the overacting me! Mr Eddy and his wife.

the other cousin, Amaani. hey this girl knows so many tricks!

Yeah, i am now the wife, the lady boss to Mr. Eddy!

Here are some of the pictures. no editing at all since no adobe photoshop install. I just reprogram the laptop, so, its all basic for now. Soon. More photos after i finish doing the editing.

See u soon guys.

i will be back to where i suppose to be tomorrow. More vouchers to redeem meanings more books to purchased! its all tomorrow.


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