Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everlynn, the best skincare product ever.


Finally, i have the chance to update the blog. Pheww. Fine, its a fine day, despite the raining season the whole week. tomorrow, the UTP team will embark on inter-university squash tournament that will be held in Bukit Jalil. please pray for us to bring back medals. inshaAllah. anyway, i am not the participant, i am there to survey and witness the history. hahaha. i was reluctant to join since this inter-university tournament is a big game for me. perhaps you can say i am so much nervous to handle this. yeah. i just wanna have a look on how this tournament goes on. even though i have joined the UTP close squash tournament few months ago, but this one, i can say, its pretty big. i don't seem to see that i can put a challenge to any woman player if i joined. i am surely be defeated before the third round takes place. hahahaha. yeah, i did train everyday with the male team. few numbers you can count for the ladies to join squash training everyday. if you are lucky, perhaps one or two people in one week. naahhh, you see..


that's not the main point here. what is the more important is that i want to make a quick review on my daily skin care product, Everlynn. I have been using this product since November 2012 up to now, and what can i classified this skincare products, its the best product i have tried. Plus, it is made in France. i guess, most of the France product suits me well. I have went to skin specialist few years back since i have bad acne problems. it started in year 2002. two years later, i went for specialist to get consultation and tried the clinical products. and alhamdulillah, my skin started to recover. However, i realized that, after few years, my skin does not developed to become better moisture skin. It just helps to prevent the acne growth. i have no such skin product to apply to make my skin glowing or any mask to used. i have to depend all on the clinical soap and the acne solution especially during period time. i tried other products, but failed to make my skin looks better, but even worst.

Then, here it comes the Everlynn product after being promoted by my friend, Nita. i was so amazed to see the glowing skin she has. She showed me the Everlynn product. and she consulted me that i should try to buy the multiperfection cream. after made up decision, i purchased the Everlynn. Alhamdulillah, the skin started to moisture like what i expected. but, i observed minor exfoliation near the T section. it just took three days to disappeared. i keep continue using the skin care and for now, there are three products that i takes which are the Vitamin E soap, daily solution cream and multiperfection cream during night. I love my skin i have now. Owh, btw, i do consume fruits everyday (kiwi fruit or strawberries) to enhance the skin repairing. Alhamdulillah, this is what it looks like after 6 months using Everlynn..

no editing, took directly from my phone Samsung S3.

i would like to recommend anyone who has the skin problem just like me. stop using any make up to cover your skin. it will just damage the skin tissue. to get consultation or to purchase the Everlynn, kindly text/whatsapp/call my dear friend Nita (013-2202602). she stays in KL, perhaps u can just COD. or u may browse the website, by clicking this Everlynn.

Happy trying!

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