Saturday, October 13, 2012


a very huge topic i guess. how am i suppose to narrate this since i have no talent to share worldwide fashion topics right now. for me, the word fashion itself resembles the life of a person lives in. as an example to this, any occupation in this world would show their image of working by dressing the way they suppose to be. the cabin attendant with the well-know skirt, the businessmen with their blazers, students with their school attires and so on. but, other than working hours, did all this person impersonate or imitate others to dress? 

somehow, i would say that i am a fashion-geek but i did not dress what my minds told me. just because i have the principles saying that, environment and time consumes are the important factors before i dress up. here, as i live in the university that focus merely on engineering and business and i have no courage to look beyond than other normal students dress to class. maximum hours i spend for the lectures are not more than 6, so i normally pick the best shirt pair with denim pants, ordinary scarf, leather tote with oxford shoe. that's it.

weekend? i will wear long dress pair with cardigan, scarf, open toe heels, and a drawstring bag. or else, i just put my boot-cut denim as usual pair with loose denim boyfriend shirt, wedges and a shoulder bag. the same styles repeating each weekend whenever i went shopping. i have no desire to dress outside the box because of - no courage, unsuitable place to dress (Ipoh is not like KL, you dress more, you have more eyes on you, especially during prayer time, and it sucks!)??

Early this year, i enjoyed my day attending the Nuffnang event for bloggers. i matched my lycra dress with leather cardigan and accessories!! its the best moment because i finally sat down thinking what sort of things to wear to match well with the theme. 

i have few dress and blouse that i have not wear up to now. i didn't know when is the exact time to wear since i have no mood to entertain the envy-eyes looking at me later. ahahaha. (perasan). definitely have to think the best occasion to wear those. 

perhaps, my holiday time???


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