Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello Kitty in the town

i had this weird dream. gile kau tido waktu maghrib. memang pandai. luckily i heard a phone call. woke up and the body feels like re-energized. memang melemahkan badan kalau tido waktu maghrib. especially waktu senja around 7 p.m. tapi sebab i was so tired and not having enough rest, i decided to take a nap. but it does not sounds nap if you over rest more than 30 minutes. i was alone. the air was dense (up to now). and i was highly affected. influenced to have a quality rest.

this evening, i had my late lunch in Hainan Chicken Rice Shop. before having the meal, i sat down quietly and thinking of how much did i spend having lunch here. rough visits are around 30 ++ for 2 years. can u do the math? i will (compulsory) order hainan fragrant rice, spicy slice fish, siamese chicken and white coffee with less sugar. for dessert, i will order fried ice cream. Hainan fried ice cream is consider rich to me because of its honey taste on top of the fried ice-cream! so yummeyh!
so, total price of my single meal is MYR23.60. so, just multiply with 35, and you will get...... 

how come Hainan Chicken Rice Shop tak buat membership card. boleh dpt 15% discount each time i visit, xpon, x payah tanye lagi what meal to order since most of the attendants tu kenal muke i ni. -__-

gile cantik kereta ni, driver is an old lady.... classic :)

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