Saturday, December 29, 2012

i talk about fashion

The title scream loud, dont u think so? anyhow, i am not that self-proclaimed fashion geek, but i speak fashion in my own way, can't i?

Nowadays, fashion runs parallel with technology. this two major subjects always become the trending topic in twitter, blogs, iG and other sorts of media. other than celebrities, the fashion has become the main medium to get close to their favorite celebrities. woohaaa.

Like me, looking at peplum which has become the spot now, everyone want it, everyone has it. me? i did like it at first but when everyone chasing for the same design and colors, naahhhh, i surrender baby. I would rather pick not-in-the-list item rather than going out wearing the same outfits like everybody did in a mall. plus, in a wedding or any ceremony, do u wanna look like the other girls in a photo saying Cheese, Peaceeeee???! i bet u wont!

there is something about fashion that creates me wild. i mean wild thinking of designing rare and combining the other ideas to become mine. i have poor sketching skill but at least i present my idea clearly to the tailor. hahahaha. Even the attire looks so much fabulous on mag/web, please prepare yourself when it comes to you. Pardon me baby, all models body shape range within this size 36-24-36, and you, measure yourself how much you diverge from this divine body shape and count the elasticity and expandability of the clothes you are going to wear it soon! (i bet mine ade skit mcm nangka,, dowhh) 

It doest have to be really fit to you in order to get slimmer. appreciate yourself. as long as you feel comfortable and get the right design, you always look awesome in any way. (TDDMKA). since there are two weddings coming soon, i have to prepare two designs to the tailor. I have made myself the beautiful one but it still under amendment. hehehe. (macam wedding artis!) 

How the design looks like??

Aku susah betul nak upload gune web, entah ape la masalahnye!.
i posted them in IG.

just the flowy part, i like it so much

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Azham Vsvc said...

Yeay!!! I am the type of a person yang tak suka ikut trend gak hehe....biar je org follow trend, I go my own way hehe :)