Friday, December 28, 2012

routine and 2013

routines of the day, banyak sangat. even sometimes, i only passed the things i remembered, like shower in the morning (petang pun kadang-kadang), brunch ( i skipped, always!), dinner, squash, thesis. ape lagi la. tapi this is the basic plus important things. other than that which i always plan to do will be the least i did. kesian betul menjadi diri sendiri.

i am ambitious, too much ambitious! tapi ambitious bile berangan tapi satu kerja at the end tak jalan. aish. where is my spirit on the time i have to do the task? pergi mana i am not sure. gile. sekarang dah nak masuk 2013. my age will turn 24 automatically. since i was born on 1st Jan, so, every new year i turn a year older.

sepatutnye lebih spiritual, lebih dedicated on work, semuanya lebih. kurang kontroversi, kurang buat dosa yang tak sengaja, ape lagi semua benda positive has to be increase, yang x elok pandai2 faham lah. kan?

so, before we begin the new life in 2013, lets refresh what we have done in 2012. yang lepas, just let be history, and the good one continue doing the good thing.

my writing is getting worse, i know that.

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