Friday, December 28, 2012

suddenly stressed out

truly speaking, there are some major problems happening in my laptop now, and i cant figure it how to solve this problem. Here is the story. i started formatting my laptop early this year. Bugs/Trojan really pissed me of and i straight away send 'her' to the 'clinic'. and here is my big mistake. I shouldn't treat my laptop as other 3-years-used laptop since i still have one year warranty and the only step i have to do is sending her to Toshiba Service Centre which is located at Ipoh! In the end, i received another damage on my laptop where i can't use my bluetooth and LAN port which are considered a big problem to me now! GOSH, i even can't uploaded any photo now!

i have done editing and making some photos for well-coming 2013 and yet i cant post it! stress. -__-

thats it.
thats all for now!!!!

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