Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mannequin and ring

i have no mood to complete my thesis. that is not a good sign everyone. I wish to finish the writing by end of this month but i guess it will just stay as a wish! Seriously.

sekarang ni i have a new symptom which is i will curse any post related to engagement, wedding, etc. damn it.

tak tau la nak cakap macam mane sebab i guess i did not want to be in the middle of attention during my E-Day. i wanna cry.

sebab i rase malu or what? mungkin.

pernah terfikir nak beli mannequin, use that for the whole ceremony. pakai cincin pun dekat that doll and make up and everything la. from top to bottom. so people wont see me in all that stuff. malu.....

but when i told him bout this he gave me another surprise question!
"Macam mane plak yang dulu pernah catwalk on stage siap dapat best dress utk course lagi?"


how on earth he can still remember what i told him?


thats it. i cant think much of the preparation. but i guess the stuff for hantaran,yes i dah plan some.

harap la semua nya berjalan lancar. inshaAllah...

i just need all my besties to be there and calm me down.
besties... pls.

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