Thursday, March 28, 2013

Funny but not that funny

Have u ever met a person with this kind of characteristics?

  • asking u so many questions but yet giving no explanation given on weird asking?
  • asking u back after u ask a question?
  • asking you on your financial activities macam duit account tinggal brape, dapat dividen or allowance brape?
  • waiting for the atm withdraw receipt as if nak tengok ur account balance
  • each time when going to have ur lunch/dinner, the person will ask u what and where u wanna eat, everyday?!
  • senyum tanpa kata apa-apa?
  • geram secara tibe-tibe tanpa sebab munasabab?
  • reading your blog only when u r viewing your blog on ur own pc? nak jugak duk celah-celah nak bace same. what....???

so true, this kind of person exist. even u r not facing all the same list i listed, if separuh pun dah pening. kalau semua lagi la...


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