Monday, April 15, 2013

the day my BFF get married


Hey all. to make it short, i went to my bff solemnization at Banting yesterday. we went rushed. came in with two cars. one made their way to Ipoh, while another one went straight to USJ after the ceremony. My soulmate, bff (Nana) and I took 45 minutes to reach Kelanang, Banting to attend the historical day of our bestfriend, Adha. She is now a wife to Mr. Adib (me and Adib always get into fight, because i hate him, LOL). -___- when we will have our quality time together sister? Perhaps when yr husband is away. hooray.. 

She was so beautiful in grey baju pengantin. So adorable and she was smizing all the time. yeah, with her two steps smile, she is always ready. :) never got nervous at all, and the best part was, she even directed us to take the pictures with the couple. Never got the tears running down, naaahh, she was so cool. Adib was caught trembling when the lafaz went on. even he spoke Adha name wrongly. muahahahaha. alhamdulillah, with a single pronouncement, both of them were husband and wife. Happy me to be there. InshaAllah, both of you will happily be with each other in any circumstances until heaven. :)

the wedding ceremony will be held 28th April, and i have to be the bridesmaid. :)

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