Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ladies day for days ahead

I will be meeting my dear friends again. in few days time. so, hopefully i can enjoy the moment and my relax time a bit before i starting to shaking this brain out of my head. 

there will be an alumni chapter for all of us, the civilian from UTP. it will be held in Mont Kiara, so i have prepare myself a suitable baju kurung. muahahah. i am wearing baju kurung. yeah, sound so classical btw. but i am all okay with that. 

i just met my sv, and each time i step out from his door, its like seeing so bright light and hope. no matter how hard it will be, i know i can succeed. at the end of the journey i will see my parents, my future husband and my dear lecturers who keep supporting me. Thank you in believing me. 

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Teena Tna said...

Good luck dear :)