Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

This morning, it is wonderful. I woke up from the right side of the bed. And so happy, bless indeed. Few things that actually i don't favor, so much. Mumbling to myself so frequent, cause i know there is no one would listen clearly and understand fully the concept of me talking. About a thing, about the cleanliness. Yes, i can just talk twice or thrice to him, but the rest, i have to swallow each time it happened. I hate to complain so many times and yet the result is still the same. So i rather chirping in the toilet while brushing the tiles. Why do people like to stay in this middle of dirtiness? How can they still holding a breath while taking the shower with.....*&^^&%^(*. Glad that i didn't post the photos here or u might be regret reading this post. Fully shit. Ladies/Grown-up-girls, please! This kind of attitude is nothing u can learn from the school. This come naturally to u! Use or logical thinking, pls. I know, u graduated from well known university, this kind of thing should be happened at least! i am getting fed up cleaning your endless mess. Ur room, luckily it does not stink. Or else, i am dying living with alive corp. Seriously, anywhere you go, please make sure it is clean. Your clothes, your items, your everything. People are looking. guys, just dont stare at the physical attraction that this kind of girl possess. But look at their inner side. I hate to say this. but, this is true. "U harapkan lady yang cantik, know how to rule the fashion, in the end, u terpakse hidup sampai bila-bila dalam rumah yang serabut, kotor, tak terurus, u want that? really want that??"


I know this is crazy.

But before its too late, i already text-ed the person. She cleaned the mess. i hope its not only this time she understood. but for ALL time!!!

i woke up and witnessed this. MashaAllah

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