Monday, July 22, 2013

Read Me

Have you ever feel anything in the past haunting you back? in every glance of reality keeps calling the memories. The one that you buried long time ago, coming and calling you. This is not a ghost story anyway. hahaha. i just describing the situation.

This is pathetic me. No matter how hard i try, i keep questioning myself, can i get through this?  

Its so easy to reach my mind,
either blog or twitter.

p/s: u can ask my mood anytime! :)
p/s/s: not much people ask that.
p/s/s/s: cause its not easy to read my mind by looking the body-language.

my current favorite moment, is to look at this open window each time i take my bath in the morning. the sunshine, gives me the mood for the whole day. i like the shine on my face facing the sun. :)

Do i look like i have the mood for the whole day? ;P

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